Mutual funds for lumpsum investment

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I want to invest a lumpsum of Rs 4 lakh in equity mutual funds for wealth creation. I have an aggressive risk appetite, with a time horizon of 8-10 years or more. Please suggest some mutual funds for me.
-Shekher Singh

Mutual fund advisors typically recommend mid cap and small cap schemes to aggressive equity mutual fund investors. However, we believe only seasoned investors should invest in these schemes. Are you a new investor? If yes, it would be a better idea to take some online quiz to assess your risk appetite or consult a mutual fund advisor. Once you know your risk profile clearly, you may choose mutual funds that are in line with your risk profile.

Many new investors tend to believe that they have a very high risk appetite. However, they realise the real meaning of risk and volatility only when they see a prolonged rough patch in the market. Most often these investors stop or abandon their investments. You will create wealth only if you continue with your investments.

Also, it is not a great idea to invest a lumpsum in the current market. Try to spread it over a few weeks or months through an SIP or STP.